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life…at ISB…

29, Sep 2005

Life at ISB took a different turn for a lot of people today. We just completed with our bidding system for the electives. With 4000 points in everyone’s kitty…to be distributed over the 4 terms…people displayed fabulous levels of game theory concepts. Here are a few of them: If you bid at 800 for a […]

after much deliberation i decided to showcase one of the best works that has come out from the camera. needless to say the photographer’s talent in this case is negligible. its the subject that makes the entire art come out prettier than it ever was. she is R… and this is my world…your eyes… ~a

Phew…! Long weekend…great time…loads of word got done…and loads got added…! Friday was the midterm of Management of Organizations. I regret not having taken my calculator along with me…the numericals were mindblowing. We had to calculate NPVs of decisions…how the option value of mistakes change from profile to profile and how exactly does the Carnegie […]


16, Sep 2005

I haven’t had so many meeting in my entire career (spanning an illustrious 2 years…!!) as I have in the past one week. Its like Brownian motion dude…from one point to another…with no interior sense of direction. Crazy…!But fun…!Working some bit on Poseidon. It is going on good…though the progress is slightly a cause of […]

Bain turned pain

14, Sep 2005

So…a senior partner from Bain Singapore and a Manager at Bain India (BCC, Delhi) had come over to explore the possibility of recruiting from ISB this year. I believe we are up against IIM C, which makes the ‘battle’ tougher and challenging. And I guess at some level even if we loose, it will be […]

there are things that i hate about myself (and not surprisingly…such moments generally happen every 86,400th second…and last for 86,400 seconds…!) there are 3 mails in my inbox to which i havent replied to…and i was supposed to do so 3 days back there is still chapter 8 of Investments that i havent read…when i […]

Geek Redefined…!

8, Sep 2005

Every 93.5 years…there comes a geek. A geek so geeky that even god looks at him in amazement and goes, “I didn’t make him…!”…and yet, this geek is someone whom everyone can relate to. He not only comes down to the level of lesser mortals…he actually behaves like one of them. However, everyone around him […]

And here are the remaining facts: All exits to the room are closed…so we cant escape Since there are 349 heads people think that the shit wont hit them. They don’t realize how much of it is actually there Some people, called alums, had apparently been there before. And they told us that there are […]


5, Sep 2005

Term 4 started with a bang. I felt miserable (and I really mean it…no matter how cheesy it may sound) the entire day about R’s departure. It was truly the best time we have spent with each other. I now realize what those poet types mean when they go about…”it was like a dream”…Sob!Well…to give […]