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i want it that way…

26, Oct 2005

Some good news after a long time. We have made it to the top 24 teams (all over the world!!!) in the IIM-A business plan competition. By November 5th, the main B-plan needs to be submitted follwing which the top 6 teams shall be invited to ahmedabad to present their case. Of these 6, the […]

Life has been moving at 100mph lately…and its not even funny at times. With 4 fin courses…the world seems to be one hell of a ride…assignments enough to create 4 PhD reports…and classes enough to put Einstein to sleep…! And to think that this might be my bread and butter for the next 30 years…woopsieee…!!!!Saturday […]

Term 5…and life…

20, Oct 2005

I hate myself for being this irregular blogger…trying to convince my own self that its because of lack of time. While all these years I have harping on the fact that time is always a matter of decision. If you want…you shall always have time…I am guessing people wont be interested in the above gibberish. […]

6 months have passed by…and time presents itself as “oh my god…6 months…it was just yesterday” and also as the occasional… “I feel my mom left me here as soon as I was born…!”And the culmination of the core courses was the exams. Management of OrganizationsQuestion 1: People like you if you like them…! True/false […]


8, Oct 2005

this is one of the best pictures i have ever come across. i could give away my left arm if i get to click this….its absolutely breathtaking…(and surely not as easy to click as it seems…)enjoy…~a

SAIT and faff…!

3, Oct 2005

Course: Strategic Implementation of Information TechnologyPresentation: Introduction – Session 1Slide: 53“Firms create competitive advantage by assembling, integrating and deploying tangible and intangible resources to create organizational capabilities and competencies”What is it…buzzword competition…? And then they expect us to give ‘insightful’ comments…!What the…?~a

So much to learn…

3, Oct 2005

The last few days have been busy with a lot of things…and marked with a lot of learning. U, S and I got shortlisted for the research paper that we were working for. We had to go down to Mumbai for the competition, which was being held at the Taj lands End. Awesome hotel with […]