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orgasmed again…

18, Dec 2006

at times i wonder what my mum will hv to say about my blogs…and the number of times i use the big O word…!! my guess is she will be shocked at the fact that i know about the word…let alone using it every second line…anyways…my current client had participated in this huge international exhibition […]


3, Dec 2006

a very unsual day for Dubai. rained for some 18 non-stop hours….and one cant imagine that this is a desert..! beautiful weather.the iconic Burj al Arab, amidst clouds…~a

Dubai Monsoon

3, Dec 2006

from my hotel. the Burj Dubai in the background. when completed in end 2007, it shall be the world’s tallest towers. at some 860 friggin meters and 180 storeys.currently its at 86 storeys…and the clouds can already reach it…!! ~a

amoungst clouds…

3, Dec 2006

a closer view of the Burj Dubai. stunning development… ~a

Madinat Jumeirah

3, Dec 2006

madinat jumeirah is one of the prettiest malls i have visited. simply because its unique. just look at the image…one cant imagine that this is a mall..!! breathtaking interiors…a lot of work has gone into designing this masterpiece the Burj in the background… ~a