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a new piece….

25, Sep 2007

i can see SL nodding her head…when i say that i love to use the word ‘piece’ for my projects..!! so yeah…i started on a new piece last week…and its been crazy since then. its not like the ones which gives you an orgasm…but ok…with only 3 weeks to go before i take off for […]

faith like a child…

7, Sep 2007

set apart its capacity, coolness and the ability to make the CD look obsolete…i love my iPod for the simple reason that it helps me connect to my past so effortlessly. as long as i remember, music has formed an integral part of life…and somehow each phase of my life has a song attached to […]

went for a fantastic vacation to srinagar (after 20 years) with family…from the 15-19 of August. some memories from the place… during my recent engagement, there was a time when we were trying to understand the film business in India. typically the first response of anyone would be…its a gamble…no one really knows what […]