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its human tendency to consider things that are free, as fishy! Consider normal life. While almost all of us would jump in joy if someone offered their services free…would we also not have that edgy feeling “why would they do it for free…whats the fine print”. Cynicism is fundamental to the human nature Yet…its […]

or maybe…there is someone who wants them to…get married! Matrimonial sites comprised the highest share of online advertising between June-August 2009! Followed by Travel and Education SecondShaadi has a big(!) role to play in this :)

WHO are these girls…why…why…why would they do this to themselves…AND to the world around them! I wanna meet these chicks man… actually…nevermind! Brilliance of the article is captured in this one statement “Swayamvar Season 2 while following a similar format as its predecessor will have a complete unique spin. 16 men were wooing Rakhi, now […]

This is indeed historic…and needless to say…had to happen…the IIMs were never a match for the full-page ads…(and OMG…a FREE trip out of India…AND a FREE Laptop…just too much to handle!)

i love democracy…

22, Sep 2009

…i especially love how it makes itself so flexible that the very rights people have, become their weapons to play around with the system! What the F*** is Nalini thinking???? Ummm…hang on…just a minute…! Was it you who ummm…was involved in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi?? Huh..? Yes? Oh ok…! So what is it that you are […]

Cattle 1. Large rudimentary animal that are bred for slaughter and processed into food products 2. Short for ‘cattle class’ which pertains to flying economy class (or ‘coach’ in America) on a flight. It is called this mainly because many people are crammed into such a small space for an extended period of time and most […]

This is one of the funniest unedited news reporting I have seen….can we please have similar ones from AajTak…!

I am a sucker for high quality customer service. And I am an Internet guy…! This combination makes me realize (not necessarily before anyone else) that in the world of Internet, customer service acquires a whole new meaning. Recall the days when companies had a customer service number (not even toll-free) that was rarely attended to, or even if […]

I COULDN’T AGREE MORE! Last month I was invited for a guest lecture at MDI, Gurgaon. The audience was someone I had never dealt with…infact an audience that at some level scares me till date. I was to face a bunch of 40-odd NGO heads! Individuals running highly successful social enterprises who thought that i could be […]

damn…!! after Maggi, Bata and Cadbury ditched me….(YES…at some point of time in my life…which could be as recent as 2 weeks back…I believed all of these to be Indian!)… this was the last thing i wanted to hear…!

Holy friggin shit…!! God bless the inmates…and it better not have Celina Jaitly as one of them! Baba Ramdev to feature on Big Boss 3 On second thoughts…maybe it IS a great strategy. Get the voyeurs and the religious to one TV show! this is like AXN meets Aastha Channel! Big B is surely going […]

District 9 is an absolute gem…and the funny part is…i dont know why! The film has a documentary feel to it…the kind that reminds one of The Blair Witch Project. It starts off with a series of documentary-like interviews, which lay the story for the viewer. An Alien spaceship arrives above Johhannesberg, some 20 years […]

we have to do it…

4, Sep 2009

back when I used to fly to Dubai for work…Emirates Airlines was like second home. Its not funny the number the movies I have watched…and the amount of fun me and my team mates have had on those flights. I was remembering one such instance this morning…and realized that I had blogged about it previously. […]

How true…! I think….more than physical disability…its mental that agonizes me more! People who don’t realize how powerful the human mind is…!

We were on a 7-day trip to Bali 2 weeks back…and loved our time there. I honestly didnt realize that there was so much to do at Bali. I went in with an asumption that its a small island…pretty much like Koh Samui…and beyond 3-4 days it will simply be another wait for the vacation […]