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Letter to Air India

30, Oct 2009

To whosoever it may concern at AI, (Bad start…because it really will not concern anyone at AI…it never will) Recall the incident wherein one of your Airhostesses on the Sharjah-Lucknow flight had reportedly leveled molestation charges against two pilots. Today, you have gone ahead and chargesheeted her. “Komal Singh has been chargesheeted for speaking to the […]

Hemant Mehta wonderfully creates a flowchart to determine which Religion should one follow! While I wish there didnt exist a need for religion to exist alltogether, the flowchart is nonetheless quite a nice attempt. Where do you lie?

Unfortunately, it isn’t straightforward if you wish to upgrade to Windows 7, and are currently running on Windows XP (which almost the entire world is!). The biggest difference (from a Windows Vista user currently) being that all your programs will have to be re-installed! Yup…all…! Thats your Office, iTunes, Picasa, GTalk, Skype…everything…!! Thats quite a […]

Recall your younger days playing cricket…when the smarter guys used to bowl you out…and you started sobbing and went “yeh meri ball…main ghar jaa raha hoon…mujhe nahi khelna” (this is my ball…am going home and not playing anymore) well…it seems some really old guys also suffer from the same BJP Blames EVMs for assembly elections […]

In yet another instance of financial fraud that have emerged like Akshay Kumar’s Films in the last year, Galleon Group’s billionaire founder, Raj Rajaratnam, was charged Friday in a sweeping, $17 million insider-trading case (btw notice how amazingly fast a concept like wikipedia updates on even biographies!) I have never heard of this dude, but […]

I have hated advertisers for the longest time ever…partly because I think they do a good job…and partly because they don’t (mostly) know when to stop! While the other has been (somewhat) taken care of by the “Do Not Disturb” act…its the first one that I speak about today. You will rarely find people with […]

Happy Diwali 2009

17, Oct 2009

Wishing my readers a joyous and prosperous Diwali 2009 (which basically means I am wishing my own self…does anyone else ever come to this site?) Naturally…its a great Diwali for India…now that even Obama has formally wished us and the White House has posted the same on its YouTube Channel…! And true to our style […]

Joke (as heard, when I was 12) 3 nations decide to build a rocket. USA, UK and India (dont ask me how they got together). And so they decide to contribute with what they feel they have best. US – I will pump in the money to build in and also the infrastructure UK – […]

My World My Eyes 2

12, Oct 2009

My World…My Eyes – 2 just…Hanging in there…just hanging

My World Your Eyes 1

12, Oct 2009

I start a regular PhotoFeature which captures day-to-day life…from my phone, camera…my eyes! My World My Eyes – 1 A road-side astrologer predicting the lives of multiple people…at one go!

In the biggest WTF this year, Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” the Norwegian Nobel Committee said, citing his outreach to the Muslim world and attempts to curb nuclear proliferation. ummm…WHAT…??? He has been in office for friggin 8 months…or 9…whatever…! Even […]

IF this is true…this has got to be the sexiest thing ever! PhotoSketch: Internet Image Montage from tao chen on Vimeo. We present a system that composes a realistic picture from a simple freehand sketch annotated with text labels. The composed picture is generated by seamlessly stitching several photographs in agreement with the sketch and […]

Flashback 2003! A concept named Gmail had launched and I was a strong Hotmail follower back then. But then, remember that those were days when there was no facebook, orkut, twitter and Mark Zuckerberg was still under-age (almost)! So moving email addresses was no big deal. It just meant an auto forward and it wasnt […]