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Everyone who has had the opportunity to work outside India almost always has to say one thing about it – Amazing work life balance! I remember my days in the US when the office used to be empty by 6pm…or in Dubai when we (the Indian Team) used to be the only ones left behind […]

This is a test

25, Nov 2009

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Jonathan Littman and Marc Hershon, authors of I Hate People have come up with one of those unorthodox Interview Tests that could give you insights (non-technical though) into the personality of the individual. “Observe how the candidate crosses the street” And honestly, my experience so far with hiring, is that Attitude is all that matters! […]

1. You can drive through a falling building without a scratch. 12. Giant tsunamis can rise higher than the Himalayas. 13. Russians are very funny. 14. When the world is going to end and there are “ships” designed to save people from the event, you can’t get on one if you don’t have 1 billion […]

…i hope never…(or for that matter I hope someday!)… But this is what Mr. Thackeray (no, the old almost dead one…not the young ‘always orgasming’ one!) believes Sachin has done by commenting that “Mumbai is part of India” “There was no need for him to take a cheeky single by making such remarks,” Sena mouthpiece […]

Then the Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa should thank you! An RTI reply has revealed that Yeddyurappa has spent a staggering Rs 1.7 crore to renovate his bungalow, Rs 35 lakh of which went into redoing his bedroom. Read the gory details here On one hand, I find it amazing that such level of […]

Not that we didn’t know it…but its fascinating…and equally scary…to see how much of data has google stored through that one single username password of yours..! Gmail, Orkut, Reader, Search, Youtube, Alerts, GTalk…we dont realize how much of time we spend on Google products everyday and how all of those actions are being stored Google […]

Am not surprised at this statistic…! Released by Comscore this Wednesday, the “Natural Born Clickers” research has some rather interesting revelations about the Internet and especially the clicks happening all across! While the statistics are only regarding image ads (and not search ads, which will surely throw up numbers different, maybe drastically different), it still […]

Start A New Life

3, Nov 2009

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