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Aamir vs. Shahrukh

29, Dec 2009

Dont know if this is true…but even if it is…I wont be surprised “Shahrukh Khan charged a whopping Rs.30 lakh for releasing a book written by management guru Arindam Chaudhari, earlier this month in Delhi. But when an upcoming writer approached Aamir for his book launch, Aamir agreed on one condition to do it and […]

If you are reading this review to figure out whether you should go for the movie or not, you are wasting your time. I would suggest you go! If you have already seen the movie, you know you are wasting your time! Avatar is a not so great movie, made fantastically. I honestly went in […]

I am tempted to say this is good news for SecondShaadi, but honestly, if the divorce was caused due to FB, there was a case for it right from the start…! FB would only be an excuse…not the cause…! Facebook fuelling divorce, research claims

move beyond image panorama….video panorama is here..!! Yellowbird has created a technology that captures video in a 360 degree format. Its awesome..because this is the closest one can get to being there and yet not being there… Watch the video to experience what they have made. The future excites me like anything…!

In a remarkable marketing strategy (I think this is marketing…they cant be that stupid to be serious!) employed by Haagen Dazs in India…I saw the biggest WTF banner on Saturday at the Select City Walk, Saket. Unfortunatly my phone battery has gone down and I couldnt capture it, but am glad someone did…! 1. Some […]

My World My Eyes 4

15, Dec 2009

Outside the office of one of my clients!

Pretty Interesting…! But then…will only work once…you cant create businesses out of it…! I have realized, that customers are (much) smarter than you think they are…(or you would want them to be!)! And that creates an impact…a big one…on businesses…especially the ones in the repeat business segment (almost everyone). These guys can clearly not do […]

Dont Drink and Drive

11, Dec 2009

One of the most awesome and heart wrenching videos I have seen in a long long while. TAC (Transport Accident Commission) started a campaign 20 years back targetted at Victoria (Australia) residents to shock them on the dangers on drinking and driving! The video is a fantastic montage of the commercials they have ran in […]

My World My Eyes 3

11, Dec 2009

Steve Jobs would be a really happy man today! My grandmum speaking to her sister in the US, using my iPhone and the handsfree!

Paa, in addition to multiple awards (that I am sure it will fetch) should win the Simplest Movie of the Year award. Its a wonderfully simple story, narrated in a simplistic fashion from the eyes of Auro. It is honestly, as if watching the world from the eyes of a kid. Amol (Abhishek Bachchan) is […]

I am a consultant, and honestly, the word slideshow (as expected) is quite sacrosanct in the profession. It not only defines our very existence, it is also proven to the perfect hypnotic pendulum swung infront of clients with the chant “your business is doomed…we can save it if you give us all your revenue” but evidently, a […]

Or why automated responses to most queries fall flat! Take your pick!

“You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant. It just doesn’t work that way.” Read some other gems from the Investing Master

And this is the battle of the new age, Ladies and Gentlemen! Google vs. Newspaper (and not yet Rupert dude!) So it all started with Rupert suggesting that he will (or can, or whatever) block Newscorp Sites from being part of Google. Basically, stop Google from indexing them and thus not showing them in search […]

Very Interesting Delivery model that ISB has introduced today…the PGPMAX (Post Graduate Programme in Management for Senior Executives) Basically the program is designed on a schedule that minimises disruption of work and personal pursuits. Participants will typically be on campus for a 6 day schedule of classroom learning once every 6th week. The 6-day schedule […]

Reminds me of the kings, who long after their ‘kingdom’ had vanished, still insisted that they are kings and insisted on living that way! Air India, yet again (but this time bigger and better!) posted losses, amounting to a shocking Rs 7,226 Crores in the last 2 fiscals! Ok…let me take that back. Its not […]

As is with everything else in India…it’s taken us 8 years to realize the impact of 9/11…or maybe it was 26/11 that made us go…”wow, there is a story in there”! Kurbaan is (yet another) version of terrorism under the guise of religion, juxtaposed with a love story (without which there is no desi movie). […]