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Work has been tight lately…for good and for bad reasons! So I am borrowing a nice forward for this post! The 5 toughest questions for men are: 1. What are you thinking about? 2. Do you love me? 3. Do I look fat? 4. Do you think she is prettier than me? 5. What would […]

Not to say that I wasnt happy with the iPad, but even Rakhi Sawant would realize that its not technically the most optimal product! In this size (and coming from Apple), one could have expected – a full-size keyboard, USB ports, Flash support, in-built drive, mouse support, webcam etc etc Am so glad the iPad […]

I know that stunning is not quite an apt word to describe these photos, but honestly…these are! I only wish the occasion was something pleasant to remember! These were released by the New York City Police Department and provided on Feb 10, 2010. Check out all the snaps here

Came back from ISB this weekend, after interviewing Round 2 candidates for the batch of 2011. Its funny (or is tragic the word) that inspite of the sheer amount of open source information available out there…courtesy Pagalguy (and the likes), more than 50% students dont come prepared, in the real sense! One of my favorite […]

Beautiful imagination! Its ironic that the same can be said about the ‘purpose’ of the war too…!