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Nothing – there isnt anything that I like about Delhi! —- So Ruchi and I are out for a movie, part of our busy jobless life schedule, that we are approached by this 21-yr old. The presence of the camera guy suggests that she is a journo and yes, she turns out to be one! […]

Google launched its Music Search feature in India today. Such an elegant blend of collaboration, technology and customer delight! And at the same time, again disruptive in nature. Direct traffic loss for the music streaming sites, google acquires higher power through search and their argument – hey, we are only increasing discoverability! Double-edged! But neat!

I love the month of October. It has a festive feel to itself, with the weather changing, the discounts increasing, Dusshera and Durga Puja celebrations. This year however, Delhi wore a festive look early on itself with the CWG. I still recall how scared I was for India, during the runup to the games and […]