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So KK came up with this business plan (I feel bad for him, because he consults me on these multiple plans he has and I end up dismissing most of them! He must feel I am so full of myself!)

Lets buy bags from cheap production centers such as China and sell them in India

And how will we market them?

We will build a website!

The problem is that most people out there (and KK is surely far advanced than most already) feel that creating a website is equivalent to sales and recognition. Its like in BSchool, whenever the prof asked, “Ok, so how will the product sell?” the answer was invariably almost always “we will advertise”

Doesnt work! Well, mostly!

I LOVE THE INTERNET! Writer Monica Gaudio discovers that one of her articles has been reprinted in a magazine named Cooks Source, without due credits and ofcourse without permission. She writes in to the Editor of the Magazine asking for an apology and (brilliant) a USD 130 donation to the Columbia School of Journalism. Judith […]

PK comments: “I think you are so risk-loving not because you face it, rather you dont see the risk in the first place” I would agree. I dont see the risk infront of the other options. Infact I cant.

Travel Blog: Pushkar

3, Nov 2010

Pushkar was an unexpected surprise. I hate religious places and the likes of Haridwar and Rishikesh have done more damage to my belief in god than Swami Nithyanand! I still believe in god though, but surely not the way these places preach and teach! But Pushkar was far better. Clean lake, beautiful market with warm […]

The R1 ISB interviews for Class of 2012 are almost over. Delhi was the last venue (severely postponed because of the Ayodhya verdict – no the panel was not involved in declaring it!!) and a few remain at ISB itself and telephonic. Results are scheduled for Nov 15th and we are pretty much on track. […]