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IPL is about India?

29, May 2011

I love rediff comments. I especially love what it does to every Indian. Article on Chennai winning IPL… …comment from reader! Its amazing that an Indian has lifted the IPL trophy. Every team should have an Indian captain so that whenever someone wins, an Indian lifts the trophy! Such joy! This is precisely what makes […]

Is anyone looking?

14, May 2011

Seth Godin is truly a genius. To come up with what he does, on a daily basis, requires enlightenment! And here is another gem from him Perhaps you can burn 500 calories on the treadmill before you give up for the day. With a personal coach, though, you could do 700. The trainer gets you […]

I hope this isnt true for Indian entrepreneurs! Internet Entrepreneurs Are Like Professional Athletes, They Peak Around 25

I have made a lot of mistakes in life. One in particular that I remember was during the early days of StudyNation. The product had not had a good start (we had launched as Our SEO strategy hadn’t worked as well as we thought. We had to shut down the site and relaunch as […]