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It was so heartening to read about Avnish Bajaj talk about how the Indian ecommerce is over-invested (in the short term). I have maintained that a large part of the reason why ecommerce is nothing but a subsidized sales industry right now, is the investing world. A lot of institutional money has flown in, with […]

The number of ISB counselling requests have gone up considerably. I guess the fact that this year ISB became India’s largest BSchool (with Mohali) has got to do something with it. With it, unfortunately, the quality didnt go up. People are still not thinking right about an MBA. Or atleast are not being forced to. […]

Do you want to change?

14, Apr 2012

If you continue doing what you do, you will continue being what you have been. Nothing changes, except when you want to change!   I have been home for almost 1.5 months now. And have learnt some awesome things that I wouldn’t have otherwise. – You don’t need to go to office to get work […]