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Situation 1 A new (non-Delhi/Bangalore) joinee was part of the recently concluded Management Meet. On the 3rd day of the meet, I was in the conference room with my colleagues at 8am, working on a deal that was going live. He comes in and comments “Do you guys work this hard all the time, or […]

Its easy for everyone to respect someone they don’t know personally. All the big names fall into this bracket. Millions will respect a Mark Zuckerberg, or a Shahrukh Khan, or a Obama or a Sunny Deol (sorry, went too far). Question is, how many respect you after they know you personally! After they have observed […]

I think I was one of the first from the ISB community to visit the Mohali campus in Mar 2011, when it was being constructed. Someone thought my photography is worth something and invited a bunch of us to shoot the progress of the campus. You can check these shots here – (I expect to […]

Whats harder?

22, Jun 2012

Asking for money, or spending it wisely? Asking for permission, or forgiveness? Being a friend or being a boss? Generating respect or generating fear? Working hard or working smart? To give or to take? To see the world, or to experience it?   We always know the answer, before we even start! Dont we! 

Seth is again so so true! And I see it everyday The customer who thinks he should have got 2 units, because we were selling a “pair” of shorts The customer who thinks the order should reach him within 24 hours, because he has paid for it The customer who thinks that its OK to […]