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The Internet has a fundamental problem. You don’t get to meet your customers. They only call you or write in. And when they do so, they only share what they have been through. What they will never share, is how they feel! Experience is factual. Can be described, can be written about, can be talked […]

What next?

21, Jul 2012

What next is an extremely easy question to answer when you are starting up. There are problems to solve, growth to be achieved, paths to be discovered and segments to be scaled. It’s the hardest question when you are big. Replace starting up and big with something new and something old – and you have […]

Its the most fucked up statement in the world. Doesnt mean anything and clearly doesnt show any intent. Whosoever says “I understand” most likely doesnt. Else he wont be saying this in the first place!

On any given day, I receive 30-50 emails from customers. I would bucket them in 3 categories – positive feedback (about things that are right or wrong with crazeal – these emails basically help us improve), enquiries (please tell me how to) and complaints (I had a bad experience on crazeal) The complaints category is […]

I met a good friend after ages yesterday. Clearly one of the smartest, sharpest and passionate guys I know. He runs a fascinating company called Akosha and we caught up for the same. He had questions on how to grow, how to manage people, how to balance growth and expenses, how to free up his […]

You leave your mark on every life you touch. Mostly unconsciously. Would you leave a different mark, if you knew what you were leaving?

10,000 hours!

3, Jul 2012

Just realized that this month I will be completing 10,000 hours as a full-time entrepreneur. Ofcourse, I don’t have an excel that records the number of hours clocked per day, split into the nature of time spent, covering all days that I have worked and (rightfully) removing days when I wasn’t productive or not working. […]

Managing people has got to the toughest thing in the world. As you grow professionally, the demand to work well with your colleagues grows exponentially. At some point, I believe that people are paid to manage people rather their technical skills. But it still amazes me how many manage through their managerial style. While its […]