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Tears in Heaven

29, Dec 2012

Nani does yesterday. She was 93. And very pretty. I have fond memories from childhood with her – as the force that kept the entire family together. She suffered a lot in the past month and I am happy she went away peacefully in her sleep. It was the first time I touched a dead […]

Seeking sponsorships

23, Dec 2012

Ever since our TV Campaigns went off, the deluge of sponsorship emails has been uncanny. However, what came in today, caught my attention. I rarely respond to such emails unless they catch my attention in the right manner. This one did too, though not for the right reasons   Original Email edited <> 7:53 PM […]

I ran yesterday – for the first time in 8 months. It hurt, quite a bit. The leg is clearly weak and reminds you that natural healing doesn’t happen overnight. However, I didn’t tell anyone that it hurt. Because of which even I forgot about it after a couple of hours. And the day went […]