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Answer by Ankur Warikoo: I once read (and I concur) Advice is what you seek when you know the answer but wish you didnt! There is a big difference between seeking advice and seeking a path. An advice is mostly sought when you are indecisive – when you have the options generated, but don't know […]

Answer by Ankur Warikoo: Towards the end of Feb, I began to experience pain while walking. The limp was evident, and the hip joint was the epicenter of the pain. I had started to take my exercise seriously about a week back, so maybe it was a muscle pull. I ignored it. A week later […]

Answer by Ankur Warikoo: I am an MBA (thats the forth state of matter, for Indians!) I am caught up in a traffic jam! (oh thats terrible!) Lets meet today evening (as you say, sir!) Deude – how are you (I am good, dude, how are you!) Has the electricity come? (It came, but the […]

Answer by Ankur Warikoo: Yes. No one will ever admit it, but ISB has given preferential treatment to SCs (or Superawesome Candidates) and OBCs (Outstanding Business-school Candidates) throughout its existence. That's the only way it has become what it has become. View Answer on Quora

Are you a nerd?

16, Jan 2013

Answer by Ankur Warikoo: For 5 years I maintained a daily written log of how I spent my day, hour by hour. Thus calculating the efficiency ratio – percentage of my day spent on "efficient stuff". Aim was to increase that by 10% yoy Until I met my girlfriend (and current wife) I used to […]

I am somehow proud of this answer the most! Answer by Ankur Warikoo: Photography, for me, is the perfect way to define life. No matter what the situation, what the lighting, who/what the subject and what the surroundings, there will always be a frame that will be perfect in the eyes of who shoots it! […]