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Let’s for a second ignore the jaw-dropping retweets. What’s with the favorites. What are people thinking “Oh what was that brand someone had mentioned, which had bad customer service. Umm – let me check twitter favorites Aaah – Range Rover! Phew! Glad I checked before buying. I just love this feature on twitter!” People are […]

I grew up dreaming of becoming an astrophysicist. That dream consumed me. I loved everything about the universe and the physics of it. And then, over a year – while I was in my PhD program (and top of my class, with a 100% scholarship) I realized this wasn’t something I will be good at […]

The Tomorrow Test

4, Oct 2013

The past 2 weeks have been unusually busy. Preparing for Q4, some key initiatives. And speaking to a stream of entrepreneurs that came my way. 6 of them, to be precise. All but 1 failed the Tomorrow Test. Somewhere in the past 6 years, it become clear to me that any new idea has to […]