Bringing about change 

10 Nov

I always take the front seat when in a cab. Besides being more convenient, it is also respectful. Never understood the deal about sitting behind. 

Today though I was terrified. 

Because the seat belt wasn’t working. 

All through the ride, I found myself reaching out to the belt, subconsciously. I felt naked. Incomplete. Scared. 

And I remembered the day, when seat belts were made mandatory in Delhi. 

People revolted, ironically, against a law that was meant to save their life. 

They found hacks. Loose belts, fake belts, putting it on only when they saw a cop. 

Today, there is massive compliance. An entire generation has now grown up in the seat belt world, as a default! 

Sounds familiar? 

I am hopeful of a time when people will be terrified to use cash 

I am hopeful of a time when people will be terrified to drive a car

I am hopeful of a time when people will be terrified to remain on earth 

And all of these will require dramatic steps. There is no “getting used to them over time” mode. 

Humans don’t like change. Best way to bring about change is to bring it in a single cut. Today. 

2 Responses to Bringing about change 



November 22nd, 2016 at 11:57 pm

Change is an inconvenient feeling. We always prefer to be comfortable. Our lazy mind always chooses comfort over action. Its the emotion behind the comfort which makes us prefer comfort. Those who realize the goodness by embracing change rise way above the most on the planet.

Most branding campaigns that associate themselves with any kind of positive or comfortable/instinctual/natural emotion become immensely successful.
Just do It – Nike (They are the only ones to celebrate change over dormancy)
Celebrating memories – Coke
Happiness Delivered – Dominos
Gives you wings – Redbull



November 30th, 2016 at 8:48 pm

Absolutely true

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