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Something about cities

21, Jun 2014

Something about cities fascinates me. Captures identity that goes beyond people. These are shots from Singapore.


18, Jun 2014

I love emotions. Especially when thats the only language spoken by brands No hard sell No features No specs No price No promise Just pure emotions In a way – they sell our own story to us!    

Ankur Warikoo

17, Jun 2014

Restless | Efficient | Outgoing | Analytical | Curious I can live with that! :)

What is risk?

13, Jun 2014

Jumping off bridges is considered too risky. Yet some people do it for fun. Quitting your job is considered too risky. Yet some people have achieved success because of it. Taking a loan is considered too risky. Yet some people have created wealth by taking smart loans. What you define as risk may not be […]

Time > Money

13, Jun 2014

20 years back I would travel 50km one way and spend an entire day to save Rs. 100 in textbooks and notebooks 15 years back I would stand in line for 2 hours to get a monthly pass made for my bus travel 10 years back I would spend an hour everyday cooking food to […]

Change your league

9, Jun 2014

Almost always our goals in life are outcomes The house you always wanted The car you desire The trip you wish to go on The startup funding The 6 pack abs Outcomes don’t happen on their own. Outcomes require an input variable. How about changing your goals to the input variables – the process that […]

Safe sucks

8, Jun 2014

If you have always had enough money in your bank If the car seat plastic is still on If you have never ran to catch a bus If you have never quit a job because you hated it If you have never spoken to a big crowd If you check all doors after you have […]

It’s big enough!

4, Jun 2014 Move straight to 4:46 I would want to see this everyday of my life. And remind myself that the vision I work towards is always going to be orders of magnitude bigger than the tasks I conduct today. Don’t question your days. Don’t size the vision It’s big enough!

And I am so glad Seth Godin agrees “Will I get in?” is not nearly as good a question as, “Is it worth trying?” It’s so easy to talk ourselves into failure before it even shows up