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Months back I read a fascinating article on sales strategies. The most intriguing insight from the author, a seasoned sales guy and now a trainer, was “Make your pitch and then remain silent. Do not speak. It’s a game – where the one who speaks first loses” I have tried this in multiple interactions and […]


25, Nov 2014

Someone asked me last evening – is there a market for vertical classified websites. There is a framework that can help, I answered. A matrix of scale of industry versus frequency of need. The deals industry has a framework too – merchant discount versus price customer has to pay to avail discount As an ex-consultant, […]

Entrepreneurs are kids

24, Nov 2014

I drop Vidur to school everyday. The minute he enters and his bag is handed over to the teacher, I have to call his name out for him to respond “Vidur, have a nice day” Without looking back, he echoes the statement. And goes in. He meets the same people everyday Goes to the same […]

Being unique

18, Nov 2014

I am not blessed with super normal skills No super high intelligence No family wealth I am average, at best And I recognized this very early in life. And figured that the way to outperform others is to make myself unique Not the best Unique Do several things at the same time At a pace […]

Sitting burns the least amount of calories requires virtually no effort is easy to do everyone can do it can happen anywhere anytime is the most obvious response when you are tired And yet – we have moved forward as a species because we chose not to just sit. Don’t sit on your decisions. The […]

I have always wondered – how is it that people spend so much time shopping for 1 product? Wandering from shop to shop – bargaining – sampling – trying. Simple answer is likely – they don’t know what they want 20% time spent on the shopping specs 80% time spent on trying to find the […]

When I can’t deliver on something I create an explanation for it. As if the explanation is equal to the delivery I was meant to make. It’s not! As an entrepreneur my only job in the world is to create an environment as free of excuses as possible. All the tools, the right product, the […]

I feel is the Gym. Everyone’s intentions become undeniably obvious within minutes. Those that perform are the ones unaware that others are looking. Pretty reflective of what life is all about. Isn’t it!

In the book “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel points to a fascinating question he asks during interviews “What’s a strong personal belief that very few people in the world agree with you on?” It’s a brilliant question. One that each one of us should answer for ourself – and in a moment we will […]

How can I help you?

10, Nov 2014

Whenever you step into a conversation with someone – prepare the answer for this question. You don’t want to not know what to ask! It’s not always that you get asked this. Always know what you need To get things done

Are you ahead of me?

7, Nov 2014

Met someone interesting yesterday. And during the conversation I realized – I hate secrecy and I hate holding back information. It creates an artificial sense of power. The minute I open up all the information – I am exposing myself. I am ahead not because I know something you don’t. I am ahead because I […]

Found a start today?

1, Nov 2014

Question on Quora Before achieving anything (like a job, relationship, projects, etc.) I am too excited about it. I will give it 100%, but after getting it, I lose interest in it. What should I do?   You are thinking that everything just has 1 start and 1 stop. What if everything had multiple starts […]