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Teach me something

27, Feb 2015

A fascinating interview question,  especially for product managers,  is Assume you are a teacher. Teach me something I dont know of In one stroke this exhibits several important traits of a successful product manager Ability to structure thoughts Communicate clearly Ask for feedback In the past 2 days alone I have learnt Why acute mountain […]

Note to self

24, Feb 2015

What you eat in private You wear in public And I am not talking just food…

Pick one

23, Feb 2015

Here are my favorite interviews questions 1. Speed or perfection? 2. Spontaneous or calculative? 3. Money or power? 4. Starting things or finishing things? 5. Institute or course? Neither of them have a right or wrong answer. But here is the worst response – “both” Life doesn’t always give you both. Most of life is […]

Admit,  rectify and never repeat mistakes Commandment 8 of the Groupon India Bible If I had to make one for managers,  the same would read Identify the cause and solve, to ensure no repeat problems. The biggest mistake that managers make which they are unaware of,  is that they don’t solve problems. They only address […]

A conversation with Ankur Singla this weekend set me thinking. The hardest part about running a company are not the technical issues. Most of those are binary. Capability and  perseverance will get you there. If something doesn’t work,  you find the solution and fix it. And it mostly works the way you expect. People don’t […]


12, Feb 2015

One task – One goal

9, Feb 2015

Imagine designing a customer survey. You want to know what your customers think of your product. And while you are at it,  you might as well ask them their age,  gender,  email. Perhaps get them to even upload a selfie,  so that the best one gets a prize.  Gamification,  as they say it. Imagine inviting […]


Show me a successful person who has been a conformist in his life And I will show you an unsuccessful person who calls himself successful Look around you The rules have been laid out by people who are no smarter than you Challenge then Change them

Look in the mirror

2, Feb 2015

They are not understanding what I want to say I can’t get this done because the process sucks Employees are leaving because competitors are throwing money at them I came late to office because of traffic I don’t earn much because I don’t have a good degree I am not confident because my parents couldn’t […]