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The hiring pitch

31, Mar 2015

Pitch 1: We have an awesome culture We have the smartest people We have free lunch We have low attrition We have great compensation figures We have an open door policy We are awesome! Pitch 2: Here is what we have done Here is what we want to do Here is why it’s not a […]

Output vs Outcome

30, Mar 2015

Output: Here is what I was supposed to do and I have done it Outcome: Here is what my output was supposed to achieve. And I have achieved it. Own the outcome. Not the output. Don’t convert yourself into a checklist.

Wild card entry

27, Mar 2015

I have been extremely lucky in life to be part of tribes that I wasn’t deserving of, in the first place. ISB – got through with less than 2 years of experience. Kearney – got through despite not being a top ranker. Entrepreneur – became one completely by accident Rocket – got through after a […]

Reading people is an art Reading them right is a blessing Misrreading people is lack of practice Misreading people to suit your bias is a habit The key to read them is not to classify them as adjectives. Rather to figure their probable reactions to situations. Everyone has a good side and a dark side. […]

We are all we need 

9, Mar 2015

Being comfortable with just yourself is a blessing.  The first 1.5 days of Beijing – I communicated with the world only through my lens and pictures on my phone. Didn’t speak a word. Simply walked the streets in the bitter yet sunny cold. Capturing faces, structures and culture. Occassionally singing to myself. Not missing where […]

Scaling up

5, Mar 2015

Fascinating conversation with an industry colleague, this morning. Key take away Companies don’t need to scale up in numbers, to scale up They need to scale up in mindset!

What heals

5, Mar 2015

Time heals Love heals Money heals Music heals Travel heals Meditation heals There is nothing that can be bigger than your will to heal.  Everyday when you wake up, it will the first thing you think about. Until one day it will be the second.