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Power of seeking 

28, Apr 2015

Data, massive amounts, hits us everyday as we live our lives. Most of which we ignore. Some of which we process. And some of which we never expected.  Over the years, this data makes us smarter. We know how to respond to data that we have seen before. And “unexpected” data occurs much lesser,  though […]

Hiring and firing

20, Apr 2015

Something I read several years ago has always stated with me I have never regretted firing someone. I have only regretted how late I did it. And so the question stems – how long before you fire someone. I would start at the selection itself. Groupon has this test we give every candidate before the […]

Archive (doesn’t warrant reaction or decision) it’s not worth my time to reply to this Happens 10% of the time, for me Reply (take a decision) I need to clear the passage and take a decision The decision, if reversible or with low “capital at risk” will be taken almost instantaneously Else I will reply […]


14, Apr 2015

I wrote to Indra Nooyi yesterday. One of her interviews inspired me to write a personal letter to the families of our top performers. Acknowledging them for the invisible support they extend in the growth of the organization. She hasn’t replied. She perhaps never will. But it feels comforting that I have left a timestamp […]

Productive or Busy

7, Apr 2015

The two are not equal.  A productive day is when you glance into the future and take decisions to reach there from where you are today. Let’s call this a workshop.  A busy day is when you glance into the past to see how you landed in the present. Let’s call this a review.  Here […]

What’s your story?

6, Apr 2015

The markets are bad The product isn’t there as yet  The systems failed  The team size was small The long weekend impacted sales  The traffic was bad  The hours are long and I don’t have time  The money isn’t enough  The excuses I have for not delivering on my promise are unlimited  The helpless story […]