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Don’t use machines

29, May 2015

Become one!

Not to 

28, May 2015

the easiest thing in the world is not to Not to do it Not to go the extra mile Not to call that person Not to work beyond hours  Not to show concern  Not to work out  Not to save  Not to help Not to own it It’s the path of least resistance. The path […]

A bank interest rate? A fixed deposit rate? A stock market rate? An extremely risky investment rate? It shocks me how casual people are towards their money. Considering the percentage of people unhappy with their jobs, it’s amazing how many disrespect perhaps the only thing they are working for. Be brutal with your money. Make […]

On your marks

25, May 2015

Circa 1998 Class 12th Results Got a 57 in English An 84% overall Much lesser than what I wanted Much lesser than what I had worked for I cried And I cried Life has changed me over the years But for all those going through the same thing at this precise moment, you dont have […]

Think of all the times you have forced a change into yourself.  And then think of what prompted it.  And then think of the likelihood of that prompt happening again. To the same effect of brining about a positive change.  If it’s highly improbable, you clearly are riding on destiny!  My health journey started because […]

Who is your friend?

22, May 2015

I recall a fascinating conversation with ruchi sometime back. She asked – who is a true friend? Someone who is sad at your loss or happy for your success. My instant reaction was the former. All our lives we have been trained to believe a friend in need is a friend indeed. She offered a […]

“The first time” is a wonderful thing.  It’s exciting. It’s appealing. No one expects wonders. Everyone is forgiving. You can fail and people call it learning. And there is always a second chance.  What if there wasn’t? What if, the first time you are doing something, will be the last thing you will ever do? […]


20, May 2015

A middle class hard working guy owned a horse. One day, while he was passing through the forest on his horse, he was stopped by an ailing poor man. The poor man wanted a ride. Moved by his condition, the horse owner stopped, climbed down and with great effort placed the ailing man on top […]

Work hard

20, May 2015

Everyone around you tells you to work hard. You know it yourself too. This seems to be the magical key to success. But what is working hard? Most people surprisingly don’t know the answer. They don’t even bother. The simplest approach for most is to start clocking the hours. Strangely not knowing what for! But […]

Herd sentiment

8, May 2015

On my way to the gym there is a corner which always have a bunch of college students trying to hitch a ride. I stop mostly. And have a nice morning chat before dropping them in front of the gates, which incidentally little more than a km away. For the past few mornings I didn’t. […]


6, May 2015

Life Is about enjoying moments, not just selfies Is about meeting friends, not just messaging Is about tasting food, not just clicking it Is about looking good, not just happy status messages Is about pinching yourself, not just screens Life Is a lot more about your real world Than your online world Step out Your […]