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Answer by Ankur Warikoo: Because I did! Failed JEE twice. Infact thrice – didn't even make it through the entrance test for Masters. And I think I have done just fine. Have an awesome family, an unbelievably fun job, super smart colleagues, friends that care for me. And a life worthy of responding to this […]

I am going to take a contrarian view here and say – worse than no data is multiple sources of the same data. Therein you have killed all objectivity that the data was meant to bring. It’s now subjective. And worse still you don’t know what it favors. Suddenly everyone is showing their version of […]

I grew up containing my emotions. It wasn’t for you to share or express what you felt towards them. It was expected that the opposite person would understand your emotions. By age I have become wiser. It’s perhaps the most important gift I have given myself. I have lowered my emotional guard. The next time […]

The Industrial Age it seems was built on information asymmetry. People were powerful not because of what they did but because of what they knew.  And I hate that world.  Closed door strategy meetings  Getting your colleagues to sign endless non compete documents  Being secretive about your financials  Being secretive about salaries  NDAs floating all […]

Rone se kuch nahi hota

24, Jun 2015

Koshish karne se hota hai Nothing happens if you cry It only happens if you try This is what I keep telling vidur all the time This is the only thing I want to tell him all his life

A daily wage worker’s two sons have made it to IIT.  He doesn’t have 1lakh to spare for their admission. An unemployed guy’s mother is dying. And he doesn’t have enough for her medicines. A middle class topper from a small town can’t speak in English. A beggar stares at the window pane, as the […]

Call in sick

22, Jun 2015

There are 2 occasions when people call in sick When they really are And when they are not, but wish they were Look around you All the successful people The ones whom you want to be As rich, as famous, as inspirational, as enigmatic And then ask them – how many times did you call […]

You will be fine

18, Jun 2015

13 years ago, in the fall of 2002, I captured a shot through my nikon. It was that of wooden fences. About a km from spartan village, where I was staying as a graduate student of MSU. I was far away from home, lonely, staying with a housemate that hardly spoke. I didn’t have any […]

Just because 

17, Jun 2015

Whenever I go to the U.S. I am always amazed by the number of “thank you”, “what’s up”, “you find everything ok” and “sorry” that hit me on an hourly basis.  They don’t mean it half of the time. Just as “depends” and “maybe” doesn’t mean anything from Indians.  Classic case of not owning the […]

This single statement has killed more companies than “I dont know the exact answer, but here is a 50% guess” ever will!   Tomorrow can never be won, if what you have to do isnt decided today.

Irrespective of the stage you are at, if more than 90% of your colleagues come to work excited/happy at what lies ahead of them in the day, every single day, then you have succeeded in building the right institution.  Else you have simply started a company And have failed  You have failed You have failed […]