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A celebrity’s life

31, Jul 2015

I have always maintained this. The day one acquires leadership role in an organization, the individual doesn’t have a private life anymore. Even outside of work. What you say How you said it To whom you said it When Where Why Everything is measured Everything And your conduct, the morals you stand for, the standard […]

Sense of entitlement

30, Jul 2015

As a country, we are used to being served. There have always been people around us, giving us what we want. Maids Helpers Petrol pulp attendants The kirana store that delivers, on credit And that’s given us a false sense of entitlement My admission is the responsibility of the government My job is the responsibility […]

Leaving for work early

27, Jul 2015

There is something magical about leaving for work early Little traffic around You get to see the journey in a different light, observe the signals, realize how wide the road actually is You don’t brake often You don’t accelerate unnecessarily You optimize for your fuel The stress is invisible, there is no reason for it […]

We grew up without money. Ma and Papa worked all their life and couldn’t make enough to save. Yet they gave us the best life they could. We went to top schools. Had a fulfilling childhood. But I grew up looking at my parents having a life of struggle. Of unfulfilled desires. A life where […]

Opportunity cost is a concept meant for business. Not for human actions. For human actions we always best the full cost. Not the incremental one. It’s not just one more abuse Or one more one night stand One more act of bribery One more act of fraud One more act of cheating It’s all of […]

Hans Zimmer

20, Jul 2015

Do you know of him? I didn’t till about 6 months back. And then I realized I have known him for a long time. For a really long time. Because he has composed music for almost all the movies I have ever loved. At times, you don’t have to be visible to create an impact. […]

Ahead of the race

5, Jul 2015

When driving, you have two ways of staying ahead By blocking the road for the one behind Which is when you change lanes often, you change speeds often, you brake often, you shift gears often. Your mind is driven by the one behind. Not the road. And occassionally you ignore some other car coming up from […]

Email this morning Hello Ankur, rather Hello Ankur Sir.. I recently checked some pics posted by my college Indian Institute of Foreign Trade & saw CEO Groupon delivering a guest lecture. AND it turned out to be you Pheww…To be frank i never bothered to check out your professional profile and  was talking to you […]

Opportunities. Nothing more. Just that. Opportunities. A career is what you make of it. Or not Don’t expect anyone else but you to plan your career.