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The worst of you

26, Aug 2015

A new project A new relationship A new market A new business A vibrant economy A growing customer base A new place A world of newness And you are at your best. Your best mood. Your best face. Your best approach. Your best methods. Your best of everything.  The world loves you.  It is easy […]

The tech CEO 

24, Aug 2015

I often wondered, what is it that distinguishes the best tech CEOs from the not so good ones.  And someone gave me a glimpse last week.  The best tech CEOs always know the product 5 years out.  Not today. Not tomorrow. Not the next sprint. Or 10 such sprints.  It’s 5 years out.  A time […]

1. The treadmill test The treadmill is a fascinating device. You walk on it, jog, run, run as fast as you can. Burn energy. Start panting. But you don’t move an inch forward. You are where you were right when you started. As an entrepreneur, chose what you pursue wisely. An idea where hard work […]

One of my favorite interview question is “what is the worst thing about you?” It is uncanny how many times I have heard the response, “I am a perfectionist. I fret if things are not done the right way.” No you are not. Because here is what most people mean to say – “I fret […]

You deserve more 

19, Aug 2015

The past weekend led a bunch of us to realize that we are always surrounded by people that are always working hard. Never stopping. Never believing that it’s over. Never saying I quit.  And when we meet them, life forces us to say “you deserve more”  These 3 words are powerful. They represent faith, belief, […]

Teach me

8, Aug 2015

Teach me When you utter these 2 words, several things happen in tandem You accept you don’t know You accept you are willing to learn You acknowledge the opposite person for what they know You are ready to submit yourself It’s unfortunate that most people end up using am entirely opposite term instead Show me […]

Aug 5th

6, Aug 2015

At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to this. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of an organization, long suppressed, finds utterance.