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Emotional punishment 

25, Sep 2015

Punishment 1: This isn’t what I wanted  Why didn’t you work hard Why didn’t you work longer  Couldn’t you be more rigorous This is wrong  You are wrong  Punishment 2: You have let me down. I trusted you  Guess which of the two is the easy path? Guess which of the two is the right […]


24, Sep 2015

Growth can hide a lot of things  Employee attrition  Negative Unit economics  Customer churn  High customer acquisition costs No time for 1:1 Technology debt Unethical practices No product market fit No time for family No time for your health But there is one thing growth cannot hide Your conscience You cannot lie on stage. The […]


23, Sep 2015

The six of us were in office till 4am this morning  Working  Drinking Abusing each other  Taking decisions  Moving forward And it felt like magic. I woke up at 730, with 3 hours of sleep, and somehow unreasonably fresh.  Nothing beats the feeling of having done more in 24 hours than the day expected you […]


22, Sep 2015

Here is the deal about a genius They are unpredictable  They are not driven by any logic, rather an unexplained spark in their head They can’t predict the future. Not can they plan for it.  Instead they can simply change the future. Or give you the perpetual hope that one day they will.  Genius is […]

Damn, it’s Monday again They must think I am stupid  They must think I am ugly Why don’t they call me often Why don’t they talk to me properly  How do I impress them  How do I become better than them Who should I please next Whose life should I live How about yours?  Each […]

Ever noticed the bee in the room.  Trying to get out. Banging it’s head against the clear window. Doing so repeatedly with no success. But not giving up.  She can see the world outside. She can see her goal. Her end point. But is shocked at how difficult it is to get past this hurdle. […]

Everyday we read news and hear stories about people that die on the streets of india.  Most of them are under the influence of alcohol when the accident happened.  we feel sorry.  And we think we are above this. We know when to stop. We are in control. We know the roads. We know ourselves.  […]

The slowest one

4, Sep 2015

Our entire world is about pegging ourselves to the slowest ones. The ones who destroy it for everyone else.  I drive at 40kmph because someone decided it would be fun to drive at 100kmph and couldn’t handle it.  I drink post 25 years because someone decided it would be fun to drink at 20 and […]

2 things 

3, Sep 2015

Think of 2 things you need to do, to become better at your work Don’t scroll down. Think of them first …. …. …. Those who thought of 3 or more are entrepreneurs

A lifeOf ambition  Of labor Not just physical but emotional Of no regrets Of time as the biggest weapon you have Of will the only four letter word And at the end of the long hard day When you look up Not for inspiration  Not in desperation  But just to acknowledge the power of your […]