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Add some color

29, Oct 2015

The nearbuy team was at ISB this Tuesday, for a PrePlacement Talk.  We decided to follow an unorthodox application process.  We will not accept black and white resume. There needs to be some color added When you apply, you need to name one more candidate who you think deserves the role more than you We […]

When things are not going as per plan the easiest thing to do is to gain control. To review everything. To approve everything. To become the system through which everything has to flow. If this process worked in the new world, things would never go wrong. How about doing exactly the opposite. Let go Things […]

Who am I?

23, Oct 2015

Peter Thiel mentions his favorite interview question in “Zero to One” What is that one belief you have that very few people agree with you on?  Here is my response, Peter The best way to become great at something, is to do multiple things at the same time, all the time.  It goes against the […]

At nearbuy, as we grow super fast (we have gone from 260 folks 3 months back to 540 people today), the need for communicating and ensuring consistency of our value system and beliefs hasn’t be higher before. I can spend time speaking and engaging folks, and I will continue doing so. But something has to […]

Your first reaction 

15, Oct 2015

How you feel and how you react to this feeling is often different, and misunderstood to be the same  You feel hurt but your reaction is that it anger You feel scared but your reaction is that of control  You feel happy but your reaction is that of tears Only the mentally strong can control […]

At the AllHands call last Friday, I got asked this question A few confessions to make, while I answer this.  By personality, I am a paranoid person.  I bite my nails. All the time.   I hate losing.  I get scared imagining that someone out there might be working harder than me and I am […]

Money shouts 

12, Oct 2015

Over the weekend, a conversation digressed over to discussing the super wealthy. A close friend heads the strategy function of one such billionaire and has seen their life up close.  Despite being worth billions of dollars, they lead an unpretentious life. Their homes, spread over acres reflect class. Their daily routine shows how money is […]

Do what they want? 

7, Oct 2015

Over the weekend we sent a special email to the early adopters of the nearbuy mobile app  It entitled them to Rs 300 of credit once they upgraded to the new version of the app. Because they have given us the best feedback so far.  It was a thank you gesture. From us One of […]

Every morning we wake up with a feeling. A certain emotion.  Somehow the emotion controls our day. The rest of the day becomes captive to that thought you started it with.  Hence, the world tells you – wake up with the right feeling. Go to bed feeling the right things. That sets the tone for […]

The Power Law of Investing as a concept is quite simple.  And quite powerful.  It states that in investing, your best returning investment will almost always give you supernormal returns, exceeding the combined returns from the rest of your portfolio.  The 2nd best will be higher than the sum of the remaining.  So on and […]


1, Oct 2015

Happiness is a good feeling It charges us It makes us confident It is the goal for almost everything we do And it’s source can be multiple things – money, love, appreciation, victory.  And we end up searching for happiness.  All our lives  In all our doings  When instead, the search should be for peace […]