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At will 

17, Nov 2015

About 16 years back I held a camera for the first timeand fell in love with it, instantly We weren’t rich and this camera was a gift.  Back then films rolls were how we used to take photos.  A 36-photo roll used to cost Rs.100 and another Rs.3 to process one of them.  So an […]


16, Nov 2015

I couldn’t watch XFiles the movie when it  was released in india, because the ticket was too expensive  But I don’t remember missing out on it. I remember loving the movie when I did watch it several months later I didn’t travel to even one city during my masters in the US, because I had […]


12, Nov 2015

Question to Vidur (my 4yr old): “Aap bade hoke kiske jaisa banna chahte ho?” (Who do you want to become when you grow up?) “Apne jaisa” (I want to become me) Life lesson 101

Michigan state university was the only university I got through, for my masters  ISB was the only MBA school worth it’s name that I got through  A. T. Kearney was the only consulting firm that I got through, post mba  Rocket Internet was the only company that shortlisted me, when I quit Accentium  The management […]

The embarrassment tee

4, Nov 2015

Last year, during my fitness transformation exercise, my coach Ajay (who also happens to be a colleague) gave me the best gift ever A Nike dryfit tee, size medium  It sticks to your body. Showing all your contours.  I called it The embarrassment tee “Wear it everyday to the gym. Your bulges will show, that […]

Most people only pay attention to the final product of the successful entrepreneur But what most don’t see is what they have overcome You see, the biggest difference between the ones who succeed and the one who didnt Is that they showed up everyday They hustled everyday They learnt new things everyday They improved everyday […]

Self Doubt

2, Nov 2015

When Facebook recently moved to their new office, Mark Z posted a video of the same. It was a walk through, of his desk, his discussion room etc. Personal No jazz All content I loved it And remarked to my colleague that we should do the same when we start our new office He replied […]