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Best lesson of 2015

30, Dec 2015

Unless you are relentlessly open and honest in your communication, every single day, things fall apart.  100% of failures and problems can be traced back to poor communication at some level

Dec 31st

29, Dec 2015

Humans, by design, crave for security and comfort. And we call it different things  Structure  Predictability  Familiarity  Logic Dec 31st is the biggest structure created by mankind.  Nothing changes that day or the day after.  The sun doesn’t reset. Nor does the clock.  Climate doesn’t change. Nor do the people around us.  What changes though […]

I work with super smart people everyday. Individuals more driven and way smarter than I can ever be.  But there is a common thread when I see how they work They love solving.  Anything! And everything!  That comes their way Being in constant solution mode will make anyone look and seem powerful.  There is a […]

   The journey has been nothing short of fascinating. I wouldn’t trade this for anything else in my life.  Humbled.  Excited.  Scared. 

Thank you

16, Dec 2015

If someone sends a thank you note, out of the blue, to you or your team or someone else There are 2 options you have 1. This guy seems genuine. He believes in thanking people and in comforting them. And maybe that’s what I need to do to him, because this is his worldview 2. […]


15, Dec 2015

Views on my Quora responses crossed 2Mn this Saturday – that’s a lot of people!  My followers on Quora are touching 20,000 – adding me to the list of the Top 100 followed people in the world  My TEDx talks on YouTube have now garnered over 200,000 views I get fanmail. People even call me […]

Long Term

14, Dec 2015

Those who know me well know that I grew up as a boy fascinated with Space and Astronomy. I wanted to always be the first man on Mars. The planet fascinated me. It captured my imagination. Thereafter I gave up on the possibility of making this dream possible an academic perspective (when I dropped out […]

Feeling secure 

11, Dec 2015

Reminder about all our present lives  We are not in the best relationship we could have been in. There are better  We are not in the best paying job we could have been in. There are better  We are not driving the best car in the world. There are better  We do not work with […]

Shitty about me

10, Dec 2015

When do you feel the shittiest about yourself? Someone criticizes you?  You fail?  You eat too much?  Someone says they hate you? Your loved one doesn’t love you back?  You aren’t inspired. Or can’t inspire?  Feeling shitty is self imposed. You have created it. You can destroy it too. It doesn’t exist.  What does exist is […]

The first hop 

9, Dec 2015

The biggest challenge when building a large company, is communication.  How do you get everyone on the same page?  How do you ensure everyone is working towards the right goals?  How you dissapate information rapidly? And effectively?  The trick lies in realizing that every hop will lead to 50% reduction. In clarity. In conciseness. In […]

Portfolio of people

8, Dec 2015

There are three kinds of people that we need Those who tell us what we should be doing Those that tell us how to do it  Those who tell us how we are doing  We live in a world where all three are mostly the same person. Our school and college teachers, our parents, our […]

Sometime back, I was asked to answer the following question on Quora What qualities does Ankur Warikoo expect when he says, “If you are awesome”? In many answers he mentioned that apply if you are awesome. What is his criteria?  Here was my response to the question I was at the ISB Admissions Interview yesterday. […]

??I hate running It is boring It is painful ?? And it doesn’t come naturally to me  But when I ran the half marathon 2 years back, it was for a goal I had to achieve  To tell life that I have overcome  This year, running the marathon was to give my wife moral support. She […]