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Everything that happens, happens for a reason  Perhaps true.  Everything that happens, happens for the good Perhaps true.  If you wait long enough, everything will explain itself. Everything will settle.  But is that the best use of your time?  #getshitdone

What is respect?

18, Jan 2016

The reality of firing is not that of capability. It’s rarely that.  It’s that of a value mismatch. The value that is being added is lesser than expected or the strengths possessed are not valued enough.  The same value can be significant someplace else. And it usually is.  The hard part about firing then becomes […]

Problem with the 5% 

15, Jan 2016

I have a golden rule for policy making Solve for the 95%, not for the 5% Look around you. Most rules and policies are drafted to curb the 5% that deviate. Not to acknowledge the 95% that adhere. No car blinds for the 5% rapists  Punch cards for the 5% free loaders  25 yrs drinking […]


14, Jan 2016

Sorry, I won’t do this again  Sorry, I didn’t think through this Sorry, don’t punish me Sorry, I did this on purpose  Sorry, I do not care Sorry, I now know what I have to do If your sorry has multiple intents, don’t expect forgiveness as the only reaction


13, Jan 2016

Jazbaa is an Urdu word Translated in English, it means passion It is the only thing that makes the world move  Or not Jazbaa is a good thing Don’t become comfortable  Have jazbaa 

Lunch with warikoo

12, Jan 2016

In late Sep 2015, I started a personal initiative “Lunch with Warikoo” The company was growing faster than I anticipated.  While I used to pride upon the fact that I knew the names of most people, not so much anymore The initiative was driven by the insecurity of losing touch with my colleagues, than anything […]

All of us have a weak spot.  Something that we know is not right with us.  And we cannot do much to change it.  Lazy, unorganized, procrastination, sloppy, unaware, non-detailed – whatever it is  Even if you can’t do much to change it, you can do a lot to change the world around you.  For […]