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Conversation with my Ola driver this morning  There is no difference between Uber and Ola and Meru or any other. Difference lies in my willingness to work  If I tell myself that I can do it, anything is possible  Key is not to be lazy. If I have to get up and go to work, […]

Every single day we are making mistakes  Taking the wrong decisions  Misunderstanding situations Hurting people Prioritizing urgency over importance  And every single day, life will send signals our ways To tell us that it’s the wrong path  We have to read the signs  Keep asking the world to save you And the signs will become […]

I am at fault 

26, Feb 2016

The very instance you say these words, you set yourself free.  You come clean No more guilt  No more presence  It doesn’t matter if people are still judging you  You now know what to fix And how to win tomorrow  Strangely enough, people feel that saying “I am sorry” has the same impact.  It doesn’t  […]

Working out 

24, Feb 2016

When I started working out 2 years back, my instructor told me 2 things that have immensely helped me Never close your eyes, even if in intense pain.  Always look in front. Never down.  It was later that I realized. He wasnt talking about working out. He was talking about life!

When someone says no 

22, Feb 2016

How do you react when someone says no to you? Try and convince them again Do it anyway Argue why it’s the wrong decision Blame yourself for the defeat  Gather a mob Seek sympathy  Stop caring  Consider for a moment – that the no sent across your way was not directed at you. It was […]

Don’t get lazy

15, Feb 2016

This was something my professor told me several years ago and I didn’t make sense of it back then. Now I realize the power of what he said. And I think it applies to you too My colleague Ajay Singh at a get together last week. He continued People like us worry a lot. All […]


12, Feb 2016

Should we go after 18-24yrs or 25-35yrs?  Should we go after market 1 or market 2?  Should we focus on mobile or desktop?  Should we focus on merchant or customer?  Should I focus on work or life? Both is wrong  Both is the average  Both is not equal to doing more  Both is not what […]

Earning respect

9, Feb 2016

Your colleague invites you to her wedding, by sending a personal email with the invitation card attached  Response 1: Open the email  Read it Reply back  “Thanks <insert colleague name>  Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I am traveling and will unfortunately not be able to make it. Thanks for inviting me :) Wishing you both […]


5, Feb 2016

Gut is an awesome thing  It supercedes data It drives immediate action  It’s based on experience  It’s already rationalized  It’s you  Your judgement  Precisely the reasons why gut is also a bad thing  Because most people end up using gut to express fear.  “I know I know, all the facts are right, but it just […]

If, as a leader, you take all your decisions based on excel sheets, devoid of emotional labor, you are a victim of excel sheet leadership.  Here is the deal about excel sheet leadership.  It’s an oxymoron. It doesn’t exist.  The hard part is going through each cell on that sheet.  The hard part is listening […]


1, Feb 2016

Received an email yesterday. A fellow entrepreneur wants to get into the gifting space. Wants to offer 2 hour delivery and only brands. Because no one else is serving this need.  Here is the deal No one starts a business saying I will deliver bad products and I will deliver slow.  There is an economic […]