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I am a founder. Also the CEO A multi tasker by nature. A problem solver Am always in a hurry. Am paranoid about losing.  If there is something important, then it better start now and finish today. Perhaps tomorrow.  Because of this I throw myself into virtually all problems out there that need a fix. […]

What do I wish for? 

29, Mar 2016

Guess the biggest reason why managers do not have a regular 1:1 session with their direct reports?  They do not like uncomfortable conversations.  Everything else is an excuse. Disguised as something else. But pointing to the same reason above eventually.  Here is a trick that has helped me navigate through this Before such conversations, ask […]

Sharing the threat 

28, Mar 2016

I am the head of the family.  My job is to protect the family from all evil.  To ward them off the bad news.  To make their lives comfortable. And happy. And peaceful.  It is my job to fight the evil. The bad news. The threats  This is the family leadership style. The option I […]


21, Mar 2016

I get up everyday at 6am to get my son, Vidur, ready for school. He is 5 and loves going to school.  In true Kashmiri style, I slide my hand in his tee and run his back (we call it “fush” in Kashmiri). Then I whisper good morning in his ear. He responds back. I […]


16, Mar 2016

Something is broken. Let’s fix the issue. We will analyze ‘the why’ tomorrow  Waking up is hard. Let’s sleep today. Will work out tomorrow  This conversation will be hard. Let me be nice today and give the true feedback tomorrow The truth is too hard to accept. Let me close my eyes today and wake […]


15, Mar 2016

I smoke only 5 cigs everyday  I drink only on weekends I check my phone during meetings only if it’s really important  I clear all my emails by the weekend I eat desserts only on weekends I leave work everyday at 6pm Here is what discipline is not  It’s not merely a routine  It’s not […]

Front row

12, Mar 2016

The Front row for a live event is always more engaged  They cheer They applaud They emote They reflect what you want them to Question then is,  how many of such front rows do you have?  What’s being heard by the back row? How many of the back row will move to the front row […]


9, Mar 2016

That difficult conversation  That hard decision  That painful cut That reset Do it today. Do it now.  Today has got to be the hardest day Tomorrow is too far away


7, Mar 2016

The past 3 weeks have been rough at work. Lot hitting us that we didn’t plan for, lot hitting us faster than we had planned for.  And when shit happens, the easiest thing to let go off is the long term. The reason for your existence. Why did you get up in the morning. And […]

Hang out

4, Mar 2016

I hang out with my friends  I hang out with my colleagues With my family  At the movies At restaurants At shopping malls With my phone  With TV With my laptop I hang out 16 hours a day with something or someone  15 mins everyday, on my way to work, I close my eyes and […]

Pointing mistakes  Making decisions The next time you are in either of these two situations, make the effort of getting up and understanding the impact of what you are about to do.  It’s easy to sit and point mistake  It’s hard to understand why it happened in the first place. To see the other side […]


1, Mar 2016

Don’t crib  Don’t be lazy Don’t judge Don’t be perfect Don’t wait Don’t sit Don’t review  Don’t pause  Don’t let free time enter your schedule  Don’t let others tell you what to do Don’t let others tell you who you are Don’t let laziness happen Don’t let pain affect you Don’t have unread emails  Don’t […]