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Intelligent people find it hard to say no, when asked for a solution to a problem  Intelligent people think that if something takes “just a little time” it should be done right away  Intelligent people think handling urgency is helpful  Intelligent people are addicted to instant gratification (and acknowledgement)  Intelligent people are always flexible with […]

Stuck in a jam

18, Apr 2016

My road to office is a pretty smooth one. Takes me around 35 mins to reach and it’s a fairly uninterrupted ride. Occasionally, we get stuck. Maybe a truck broke down, or someone hit someone else. At that point, when we are in a jam, it doesn’t matter whether you car can do 0-60 in […]

I am colorblind

14, Apr 2016

I have red-green color blindness. Which means, when you see the image below you see a number. And I don’t see anything  No pattern at all. Just dots     But hey, that’s the world I was born in. It’s my world.  And it’s perfect.  Except It’s not!  My world is not perfect. It’s incomplete. It’s […]


13, Apr 2016

Mathematicians and physicists are trained to always identify the boundaries and operating constraints, while solving a problem.  And yet, the best ones perhaps didn’t pay any heed to those boundaries.  They started from first principles.  The minute you start your problem with identifying the boundary, you have closed some doors. Closed some perspective. Perhaps closed […]


11, Apr 2016

You toss a coin. There is a 50% chance it will land as tails. But it doesn’t. Heads it is.  You toss again. Heads again And heads again And heads again And heads again With 5 heads in a row, when you toss the coin the 6th time, guess what’s the likelihood of tails landing […]


8, Apr 2016

One always wonders – what makes people successful.  Ambition Determination Hard work Intelligence Passion Several other powerful words To me, it’s a lot simpler.  Those who are successful BELIEVE that they are worthy of that success.    

What do you learn? 

7, Apr 2016

ISB taught me a lot. But I don’t remember much of the classes.  Michigan State changed my life. And I aced the exams too. Wouldn’t be able to reproduce anything from the classes today, if I had to.  Same for Delhi university.  The best learning has come from what’s happened outside of the class. While […]


6, Apr 2016

At the gym, You don’t burn out mentally. Because you always burn out physically.  It’s opposite at work.  Ironically, the side that’s still not burnt out, is the one that can get the other side out of its state.  At the gym – it’s your mental state that can get you of the physical burn […]

I took a solo trip this weekend. The first planned one in my life.  Intent was to be around things that I wanted to do but couldn’t find the opportunity to. And to gather my thoughts around them.  I watched TED videos, saw Ship of Theseus again, read a whole bunch, wrote even more.  And […]

It’s been 10 years since I graduated from ISB. and there are days I still miss it. It was such a happy phase.  I miss my DU days too. Getting to know Ruchi and getting to know my own self. It was such a happy phase.  Consulting was so much fun. Smart people. Great work. […]

I am always taking decisions. That’s what I love to do. Take decisions.  And that takes brain space.  And I would like to believe that it’s not unlimited. It has great potential, but it has a limit.  And if it does – my job then becomes to free my brain space of as many useless […]