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Don’t buy time 

31, May 2016

Here is a personal guarantee that I am willing to bet my life on  The time you think you need to get your stuff done, is atleast double of the time it should actually take.  You just haven’t made the choices of what to give up You have decided to indulge in activities that don’t […]


28, May 2016

Speaking, just when you feel like it, is an activity requiring least possible energy (and prowess) One can do it anytime. Anywhere. In any position. When faced with any situation.  Almost anything else instead will require effort Writing Illustrating  Singing  Painting  Recording  Composing Thinking  Pausing  Not reacting  Almost anything else instead will require judgment.  Will […]

This month I spent a fair share of my time conducting 1:1s with all the teams at nearbuy. Hear them out, their thoughts, views, reactions, responses to whatever is happening to them and around them.  And I ended my message to them requesting the following: Do yourself a favor and find out how much value […]


23, May 2016

Started my morning with a heartfelt life story – about how to exit the world. People share their most honest stories during their last moments. And that’s true for real life as well. In 10 years of work experience, the unfortunate realization that’s dawned upon me is that an exit is the only true honest […]

Paper Planes

23, May 2016

  I got up yesterday at 7am Went to the gym and had a good workout Came back. Read the newspaper. Made breakfast for Ruchi and me Worked for 3 hours Lunch Watched 5 TED videos Went to watch a play by Rajat Kapoor Shopped for a few things at the mall Went for dinner […]

It’s easy for the world to brand you as a success or failure – depending on their mood and the inflation rate (insert any other irrelevant metric here)  It is equally easy for you to fall in that trap.  “I did it” or “I fucked up” – is it truly your measure or what the […]

Coding is the future 

16, May 2016

There was furor recently on a TechCrunch article that not everyone needs to know how to code.  And then (thankfully) there was a response – everyone should  I agree Just as the past century has been about managing people and how to get work done from them, the next century will be about managing machines.  […]

Who defines success? 

14, May 2016

I take a course at a business school. And there is no final exam for that course. Just one question instead  “List at least 3 things you learnt during the course” All those who list 3 things fail the exam.  “List at least 3 things you learnt during the course” We are all fucked up […]

No one says this about Facebook. Or Amazon. Or Craigslist. People hated the new logo of Uber – but no one is complaining now. Unfortunately – we have been hard wired to believe that looks matter. Because we have seen people get away with that, for a large part of our lives. And we equate […]

A stranger writes in to you “Hey, i just read your blog. I don’t agree with it. You came across as full of yourself!” For most people their first reaction in their head will be “fuck off. He doesn’t even know me to say what he said. Ignore”  Some might respond – explaining.  Some might […]

Predict your day?

3, May 2016

You get up in the morning  You have the check boxes ready – your schedule, your tasks, people, email, coffee.  Or you don’t – it’s a day you will figure as you go along, but then that too is part of the plan. No plan is your plan.  Almost makes it sound predictable. Not the […]