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30, Jun 2016

I have been in the Internet some for 8 years now. By virtue of that I have accumulated a lot of tacit knowledge. If rumors were to be believed there is even a name for this now. Experience!  It’s an immensely gratifying experience when I can add value through my experience. When I am able […]

Humans suck at….

29, Jun 2016

Right after a heavy dinner, the worst question to be asked is “what will you have for breakfast”  You feel shitty right now. Why did I eat so much. You don’t want to have anything for breakfast.  Come breakfast, you are hungry. And you gorge again. Perhaps feeling shitty again. You completely forgot how you […]


28, Jun 2016

Am reading a book on the science of happiness.  It describes an academic experiment where a 4 year old is sitting in a room with 2 adults.  One of the adult moves out of the room. The other adult places a jar of cookies, which until now was on the table, in one of the […]

Overnight success?

27, Jun 2016

  Yourstory covered the journey from Groupon to nearbuy.    It chronicles our journey in the past 9 months, from 12 cities to 33 cities 3 categories to 18 categories 100% groupon tech to 100% nearbuy tech a zero member tech team to a 75 member tech team selling a voucher every 27 seconds to […]

Weekend at ISB Mohali

20, Jun 2016

Was at the gorgeous Mohali campus this weekend. I love it there. On some levels better than Hyderabad. More so because I see a sense of belonging and ownership within the batch. Hyderabad, always my first love, acts transactional at times. And I am unable to relate to that from 10 years back.  Startups are […]

Dinner with who? 

16, Jun 2016

Left office at 830pm last evening. I don’t have dinner as a meal, but was super hungry yesterday. Almost on the border of indulgence.  Ordered my Uber  And then ordered paneer rolls.  The cab and rolls arrived at the same time. Stepped out of office complex to board the cab. Saw an ice cream vendor. […]

Local Maxima

14, Jun 2016

Ruchi asked me last night – “what was the highlight of the day”.  It got me thinking. For far longer than I expected. I finally gave her an answer.  But the answer wasn’t the answer I wanted to give.  Of course there was a highlight of the day. All days would have one. But was […]

Ever had cocaine?

9, Jun 2016

Not the real one (am not judging).  But the one you get in corporate life. It goes like this.  A colleague comes up with a problem. Seeking a solution.  And you give a solution.  Instantly. Right then and there.  That instant solution is your cocaine.  That instant decision making is your drug.  You love it. […]

At the gym, on the 12th rep, the trainer asks you to do 5 more “I can’t do it”  Your boss asks you to get something done by this Thursday  “I can’t do it”  Your friend asks you to sing a song for her on her birthday  “I can’t do it”  Someone you know is […]


6, Jun 2016

Vulnerability is the state of being open to injury, or appearing as if you are.  My Failure Resume generated some heart warming reactions. What I didn’t expect (but was hoping for) was that almost none of them were about “omg, you have failed so much and yet succeeded. That’s so awesome” Instead, it was “it’s […]

Don’t become them 

2, Jun 2016

I was driving with a friend. And were stuck in a jam. In true Delhi style, the car behind didn’t seem to care about the jam. He owned the road and wanted to tell the world. So he kept honking incessantly.  We were moving at a slow pace. Had we been still I would have […]

My Failure Resume

1, Jun 2016

I am extremely grateful to be where I am in life. But there were several moments when I wasn’t. It is so easy for us to take our failures seriously and consider them the end of the road. I am the biggest proof that self-doubt exists, and I am equally the best proof that one […]

Who am I 

1, Jun 2016

For the first 22 years of my life I knew exactly who I was. What I wanted out of life. How was I to get there. And what my choices were in life.  For the first 22 years of my life, I lived life on my opinions, my beliefs, my values. Rarely questioning them. Blindly […]