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28, Jul 2016

Option 1: Your performance has been below par. Despite repeated feedback it hasn’t improved. Its not working out. “You are fired!”   Option 2: Have you hit your targets in the last 6 months? Why do you think you haven’t? Is there anything I could have done to help you hit those targets? Do you […]


25, Jul 2016

As an entrepreneur You will be misunderstood because of your irrational optimism. Be optimistic anyway. Other’s success will generate massive self doubt every morning you get up. Get up anyway. Family will suffer because you have less and less time to love. Love anyway. You will be hated for the times you take harsh decisions. […]

Scared of?

14, Jul 2016

What are you scared of?  Ghosts? Heights? Water? Your boss? Your spouse? Failing? Being lonely? Being in a crowd?  How about decisions? Do decisions scare you?  It’s ironic that we all ask for more responsibility. But rarely feel comfortable with the responsibility that comes with taking decisions.  Eliminating the fear around taking decisions is the […]


13, Jul 2016

Inadequate: lacking the quality or quantity required; insufficient for a purpose. Incapable: unable to do or achieve (something).  Incapable is the output. The what.  Inadequate is the reason. The why.  All of us are guilty of stopping at the what, whenever we fail.  I am incapable   I can’t do it  I don’t have what […]

Kapoor stores 

8, Jul 2016

We stay in an apartment complex comprising 400 odd families  And there is a 100sqft store that caters to our daily needs. Kapoor stores Below the 100sqft display is storage, possibly 3-4X bigger. So it’s not that he doesn’t have merchandise.  2 weeks back, a 1500sqft store opened.  GM Mart Stacked display Air conditioned  Scanner […]