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The world has a very convenient definition of cheating, based on a highly misplaced sense of morality.  If you are physically or emotionally involved with a person outside of your current relationship – that’s cheating.  Strangely enough, the necessary condition is not the physical or emotional attachment, rather the existence of another person in the […]


26, Aug 2016

Vidur loves to build stuff. Elements for his own world. Rockets, aliens, monsters, zoo, farms.  And when he does, he forgets everything else. He immerses himself. It doesn’t matter what’s happening around him at that moment.  Unfortunately, as he grows up, this will change.  Noise will seek attention.  Social media TV VR People The next […]

Your reality 

19, Aug 2016

I fear failure  It took me a long while to realize how wrong this statement is. It makes it sound as if failure is a thing. Something that exists. Something that can be felt or experienced.  We don’t fear failure.  We fear the reaction of people if we fail.  We fear the reactions resulting from […]

While at the gym last week I dropped my phone And the screen cracked. Over the next few days the crack spread its wings. And now represents an aggressively growing tree branch. Basically my top left section of the phone is all glass cracks! It’s been a week. I have gotten used to it.   […]


8, Aug 2016

One of my favorite questions of all times, and a hard one at that to comprehend, is What drives you more – the problem or the solution? Its hard to comprehend, because no one can claim not to be driven by the solution. That’s the outcome. The purpose. The aim. And not surprisingly, most of […]

The worst piece of advice – “Work on your weakenesses” Equally bad advice – “Double down on your strengths” Instead “You have no choice but to become awesome at what is critical to your success” If you are a leader and suck at communication, you know what you have to do! No choice If you […]

What they see 

3, Aug 2016

Think about every single individual that you admire and look up to  And then think of how they got there  Thousands of line of code  Hours of writing, singing, dancing Months of practice early morning  Weeks of waking, running, lifting Years of looking in the mirror and questioning  Years of looking in the mirror and […]