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Cool or boring?

30, Sep 2016

In the past 4 months, nearbuy has built merchant tech that has never been built before in India, and I would argue perhaps the world.  And I have spent the last month on the road showcasing this tech and gathering feedback. Investors, customers, merchants.  The response is usually that of astonishment and amazement.  “This is […]


27, Sep 2016

What leads to procrastination? Most social responses will center around laziness. The inertia to not move. The need to remain status quo.  Most internal reflections will discover that it’s the world’s judgement of the output that scares people.  If I do this now, it won’t change my image, as against doing it later.  I have […]

Yeah, but you also…

26, Sep 2016

You didn’t call me Yeah, but you also didn’t call me  You scored less Yeah, but you also scored less You hurt me Yeah, but you also hurt me  You didn’t work to your full potential Yeah, but you also didn’t  You don’t seem to be grateful Yeah, but you also think the same way […]

Who is your customer?

13, Sep 2016

Everyone of us entrepreneurs is trying to solve a problem.  A live problem.  Something worth solving.  Something hopefully worth a lot, once solved.  But here is the deal about problems. Everyone has them.  If you are about saving money, even the richest guys likes to. The extent varies.  If you are about convenience, even the […]

Each time I interview people, we have the office boy come in and ask for tea or coffee.  When it is served, I look for the response No thank you? Thank you? Thank you Bhaiya (or equivalent)? Tells me something about the person.  —- I play a sadist game on the office floor. Drop a […]

As a society, we suck at how we react to an apology.  Especially when we are mad at the other person.  I won Hah, finally admitted their mistake  I had been saying it all along, hadn’t I  Don’t ever do it again  Why did you even do it  What were you thinking  It’s too late  […]

Whenever I have made this statement, I realize the irony of it.  I haven’t worked with these individuals. Because they have worked on their own. Every single time.  No instructions were ever needed.  No prescriptions were ever shared.  No reviews were ever conducted.  No follow up was ever needed.  I technically didn’t work with them.  […]