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Last evening, at a team dinner, a much loved colleague remarked “We don’t have assholes in the founding team”  He didn’t mean assholes. Instead, he was using it interchangeably with attributes such as taskmaster, autocratic, “shut the fuck up and get this done” DNA.  I felt at peace within, when I heard this. Because over […]

Grow.  It’s a big world.  There’s room.  You fit.  I promise. 

I was told of a WhatsApp group last evening by a colleague Upon getting added to the group, you can send in a request for an Uber ride, identifying the pick and drop. Someone will respond with a quote less than the price Uber quotes. You transfer that amount through PayTM to that number. The […]

Million dollar home Million (or billions) in funding  Press coverage Facebook and instagram shares Awards  Top lists Jury invites  Special passes Autographs  Success!  Success – in the form we all have been trained to believe exists.  Success – that we all work towards. Crave for.  A misplaced definition of what the world chose for you […]

At 22, I was a shy, low on confidence, single track mind, under exposed to the world guy.  Nothing to write home about.  So when I meet a 22 year old confident kid, who knows the world, who understands the power of story telling, who knows their own self and their place in the world, […]

I always take the front seat when in a cab. Besides being more convenient, it is also respectful. Never understood the deal about sitting behind.  Today though I was terrified.  Because the seat belt wasn’t working.  All through the ride, I found myself reaching out to the belt, subconsciously. I felt naked. Incomplete. Scared.  And […]

Who is winning? 

7, Nov 2016

During a match or race, this is such a valid question.  During a debate or a conversation though, no other question can be worse off.  When stepping into a debate, the intention is to discuss, put your point across and listen. Perhaps refine your view, or establish it even further in your head.  More importantly, […]

Thought experiment  You lose your memory. But science has advanced. The reconstruction device can selectively gather your memory from someone else and upload it to yours. But it can only do so for 5 people. 5 people Their memories about you Uploaded onto your brain To reconstruct yourself Who will those 5 people be? What […]

Give everyone a mask

3, Nov 2016

I am a big fan of anonymity.  It works. No one can deny it.  And no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you care, no matter how much you listen – radical honesty isn’t easy to come through.  Embrace anonymity.  Invite anonymous questions for the town hall Have an anonymous feedback form […]