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We all hate it, don’t we This is how the rules are  I am just following the system  I can’t help you. The right person is sitting there in that corner We are like this only  Sorry ma’am. I understand but I can’t help  No you don’t understand And yes you can help But it’s […]

As far back as I can remember, I wanted to be a space scientist. An astrophysicist to be precise.  My immediate and extended world knew of my dreams. That of doing my PhD from the US and working at NASA.  And in 2002 I left for the US. To pursue my PhD. From Michigan State […]

Play your own game 

20, Feb 2017

Our parents grew up in a very different world.  India back then was a different land That of limited opportunities That of rationing  That of settling for stable than a shot at the moon  And for no fault of theirs (and ours), they raised us accordingly.  It doesn’t matter how good you are. You will […]

The founder’s role

15, Feb 2017

I spent almost the entire past weekend trying to resolve a conflict at work. I knew I had to intervene to solve it. I had to take charge. Fix it. Make sure the problem was solved and not just the situation.  It seems the conflict did get resolved.  It seems I had some role to […]

People stand in line for hours when an iPhone launches, to be one of the first to buy  Women tend to express their emotions better than men  Research suggests that  high EQ is a better indicator of success  Squatting is one of the fastest cardio ways to burn fat  Driving a car in the first […]

Imagine an angry mail written to you Imagine a conversational fight you are in the middle of  Imagine an individual being mean to you Imagine a situation that requires you to react  At that moment, your instant feeling and thus your instant reaction – is conclusively the wrong one.  It’s the hardwiring of evolution that […]

IQ was what got the previous generation to succeed. Mostly.  Not anymore.  In today’s world of distraction, instant gratification, unlimited access and boundless opportunities – your ability to focus is what will make you stand out.  Focus is the new IQ Here is the deal about focus It’s spelled as “consistency”  The irony of today’s […]