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Recall how many times we have asked something from someone And then reacted adversely to the response, when it came through  Anger, sadness, rudeness, hurt, let down, defensive Ever thought how unfair this is? We asked a question  And couldn’t deal well with the answer  Do I look fat in this?  Over time the opposite […]

I am the best result I know – of a genetic socioeconomic lottery.  Born into a family that loved me immensely, inculcated the right value system, could afford quality educated, provided food and shelter.  Nothing even remotely as bad as most people in the world have. All this, for no hard work on my part.  […]


20, Mar 2017

The easiest thing in the world is to expect something from someone else I expect you to love me  I expect you to show up I expect you to understand  I expect you to care I expect you to appreciate  I expect the world to… The hardest thing is to expect something from your own […]

They say entrepreneurs make better investors. Because they know the grind. They have been through the emotions. They recognize the fears and the irrational optimism.  Entrepreneur turned investor A combination that works  Just that, it doesn’t.  An investor’s default response is meant to be no. An investor’s job is to enter and exit businesses. Their […]

Under promise and over deliver does not work anymore  Customers expect more  Employees expect more  You should expect more from your own self  Momentum is precious. The only valuable act you and your organization can indulge in.   Making sure you over deliver.  And because you can over deliver, go ahead and commit more  Over […]

On 31st January, I went live on Facebook to share the nearbuy brand brief, as part of our search for a creative agency.  It was honestly a natural thing for us to do. We were frustrated with the current pitching process in the industry. And realized there were so many awesome agencies that we had […]

Everyday Every single moment  Our brain has the power to think, to imagine And what’s separates humans from other species is our ability to imagine the future. The possibilities. The multiple outcomes.  And most of us misuse that power.  We misuse the power when the ability to imagine is used to imagine the worst.  And […]

At times you find life lessons in the oddest of places.  Security messages when you are onboard the aircraft are mostly considered useless. You have heard them several times. Of course you know how to use a seat belt. It’s 2017! And no, when something bad happens we won’t remember to follow the lights on […]