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You get up every morning  You show up You slog it out  You do the right things You work really really hard Don’t cheat, don’t steal, don’t beg, don’t lie Here is the honest truth – people don’t care The world doesn’t owe you it’s time just because you do the right thing the right […]

Back in the Stone Age, the basic instinct was to survive. From animals, nature, any possible danger.  Our brains were constantly working. Doing an almost great job of telling us when we need to watch out.  I am assuming this single trait allowed us to survive through billions of years and “evolve”  “Unfortunately” the brain […]

Nothing changes your life in 30 seconds  Don’t fall for the trap, the easy diet, the short cut, the motivational video, the click bait, the pretty face, the higher pay.  What will it take to be successful? It will take everything!  ?

Email from a colleague that’s moving on  ?

I am an eternal optimist. People who know me well call me the irrational optimist.  It’s my belief that the future is always beautiful. Tomorrow is always better than today.  The operating word I chose to describe the future is better.  It will be bigger. It will bring in more gratification. It will make you […]

Drop the debt 

15, May 2017

Debt is largely a misunderstood financial instrument, especially at a consumer level. Somehow taking debt is not considered being financial prudent. While there is enough literature to suggest that debt can be a fantastic lever for growth, if managed well.  Reason it carries a bad reputation is because of all the horror stories when the […]

Right before the gym entrance this morning, I am greeted by a guy I have seen several times working out.  “The gym is closed” “Really?”  Of course the question was a rhetoric. I wasn’t going to believe him. I went up to the door. And indeed, there was a closed sign hanging on the door.  […]

As the founder of a pro-consumer tech startup, the right thing to say is “customer is the king”. The right thing to say is that we are “customer obsessed” The right thing to say is that “the customer is always right” Just that – the customer isn’t always right. The customer is always optimizing for […]

I rarely talk about the future. Because it’s my imagination that I will try and impose on someone else, without having given them the basis for imagining it.  However, day before, I found myself doing so. Talking about the future. How I imagined nearbuy to be 2-3 years from now.  It sounded like science fiction. […]

I tend to think a lot. More than I should. And starting this year, I wanted to change that.  The human ability to imagine, sets us apart, in both good ways and bad. While it’s allowed us to created the world that we live in today, where the environment isn’t creating our world but we […]

…and yet someone would have thoroughly enjoyed the journey, the pain, the joys, the emotional ups and downs.  …someone would have said, “I don’t even know what Rome is. I am just in love with the process.” Long term quality results require long term quality focus.  No short term reactions.  No drama.  And it’s so […]

…is the same as that to the ISB Class of 2019, 2020, 2021 …was the same as that to all the previous classes 1. Do not feel entitled. The world doesn’t owe you anything  ISB is a trap. The good quality professors, the air conditioned campus, the house keeeping, the catered food, the speedy wifi, […]