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Avoid People who think of themselves higher than you think of them They don’t want to grow. They think they have already done everything They have a misplaced sense of self worth Developed largely by their own minds Not by feedback Hold on to People who hold you to a standard much higher than you […]

Independence Day

16, Aug 2017

Patriotism is when you like your country for what it does Nationalism is when you like your country irrespective of what it does Are you a patriot or a nationalist, when it comes to your startup?

Vidur (my 6yr old) has been learning the piano for a year now. And he is really good at it. He can read and write notes And usually understands new notes faster than anyone in classAnd then plays it by memoryHas also started creating his own music. Which doesn't have much sense, but sounds peaceful […]

People use the term as if it's interchangeable. But it's not. The titles are of course differentFounder – founded the company CEO – runs the company If it's the same person with both the titles, it is supremely critical to know the distinction And I was made to realize it again day before Founder – […]

Happy birthday nearbuy

10, Aug 2017

It's been precisely 2 years since we became nearbuy from Groupon And I honestly didn't expect such high and lows when we started on this journey. In my head, it was a lot more stable and a lot more predictable Instead – it was 2 years of fascinating highs and terrible lows. And in the […]

I have come to realize that the physical and mental self are two different beings. Almost independent. The physical self seems to have no mind of its own (no pun intended) It loves to sleepIt loves to eatIt loves to laze It love comfort The mental self clearly has a mind of its own, but […]

The most fascinating thing science taught me was hypothesis-led thinking It's the proposed explanation for a phenomenon. Comes from the Greek word hupothesis, meaning "to suppose" One takes this hypothesis and sets out to prove it or disprove it. If proven, you conclude. It becomes a theory or a law. Here is the trouble with […]

Scrolling through your feed You come across a post by a friend. It's long. But it has several likes. And a tempting start. You begin to read it. You realize it's bullshit. Or something you don't care about. Or don't agree to. Or don't indulge in. You of course won't comment. But there is a […]

2 separate incidents caught my attention last week A "motivational" post on LinkedIn Usain Bolt has run 115 seconds in all his Olympic races combined and made $119MnThat's $1Mn per second#motivation #successThis is bullshit at its best. If I could I would crucify the original writer. A conversation with a leading founder CEO from India […]