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The path less taken

28, Sep 2017

Hum kyun chalein Uss raah par Jis raah par Sab hi chalein Kyun naa chunein Woh raasta Jis par nahi Koi gaya Why should we Walk the path That has been Walked by everyone Why don’t we Choose that path The one That no one has taken It’s so refreshing to see strings sing again. […]

I see incentives as an intersection of two traits How predictable are they? How accurate are they? Predictability: Do I know of them beforehand Can I predict what they are Do I have an understanding of how it works Accuracy: Are they correctly measured? Are they accurately delivered? Are they tracked correctly? If you think […]

In 1983, a talented young guitarist was kicked out of his band. With apparently no warning. Handed over a bus ticket and told to go back home, 2 days before the band’s first recording On the journey back home, the guitarist, just as all of us, started speaking to himself “Was this really happening?” “To […]

Rush hour

22, Sep 2017

It takes me 40 mins to reach work everyday Anytime of the day The road is a smooth ride – traffic but not enough to stall. A 30km stretch with no red lights. But every now and then, someone with a sense of urgency will go berserk Change lanes Honk Brake Accelerate Jeopardize not just […]

Two stories that somehow found a connection I have been experiencing back pain persistently for 3 weeks now. Because of which I haven’t been to the gym these past 3 weeks And I have been missing it Missing it – because that’s where I feel I prepared most for life, from a mental strength perspective […]

In a seminal 2002 study, 3 scientists put 12-month old infants through an experiment Through a glass window, the infants saw a man enter a room. In front of the man was a large “something” with a huge button The man banged his head into the button and lo behold – there was confetti like […]


11, Sep 2017

Most of us have been raised to admire the extra ordinary To be inspired by them To be in awe of them To want to become them BUT Most of us have been raised to be ordinary To be average To follow the herd To take the path already taken To admire is easy It’s […]

An overwhelming majority of emails and messages I receive end broadly the same way What do you think of the idea? Am I on the right track? How should I plan my life? What’s the best advice you can give me? And my personal favorite Want to pick your brains on this     This […]

Here is a view to life That is conclusively true Our brain is a muscle That requires training Training that it rarely gets Because it’s the hardest thing to train And life is not a bed of roses It will be hard, supremely hard At times, or most often But hard for sure Just as […]

When you are dining at a restaurant, or relaxing at a spa, or getting pampered at a salon – the cost of that service is usually ridiculously low compared to what you end up paying. So we argue we are paying for the softer aspects The ambiance The treatment The expertise/quality of the experience   […]