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As cave people in the stone ages, there was just one rule of success DON’T DIE If you survived, you would reproduce and that allowed your tribe, your community to move ahead So do whatever it takes to not killed by an animal, get hit by the weather or murdered by a known one And […]


17, Oct 2017

Here is an under-rated quality The ability to have a 10,000 feet view that it seems to suggest you don’t care about the details and in the very next instant, focus on something so specific that it may indicate you don’t have a larger view It comes from intense training and an unreal level of […]

I am not alone

16, Oct 2017

I was at the TEDx IITRoorkee this weekend and as always loved my time with young minds What’s becoming increasingly obvious is that this generation in under immense pressure. The nature of questions thrown at me by the students reaffirmed this opinion. At the bottom of this pressure is this paralyzing sense of self doubt. […]

What was I thinking?

6, Oct 2017

How many times has it happened that you looked at the past and went, “What was I thinking?” “That was so obvious. How did I miss it?” “I can’t believe I didn’t see that” You did see it. You saw it loud and clear But at that point, what you saw conflicted with your world […]

There are a lot of conspiracy theories on how apple might be purposely playing with the software of existing iPhones, when a new one launches Reports of phones slowing down, sudden problems – are all well documented. Of course never proven to be true. Here is a conspiracy theory that goes beyond My current iPhone […]