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Student A and Student B give an entrance exam Student A scores 93% Student B scores 96% The cutoff of the exam is 98% Who do you think will feel worse at not making it? Most of us will say Student B When “technically” both should feel worse equally Both didn’t make it But Student […]

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9.58 Rings a bell? Let me give you a hint 9.58 seconds Now it does, doesn’t it? The world record for the 100m sprint Held by? Usain Bolt Know Usain Bolt? Of course. Who doesn’t? Let’s extend the quiz, shall we? 10.3 No? 10.3 seconds? Still no? Anil Kumar Prakash Maybe? Anil holds the Indian […]

It doesn’t matter what you say, people will understand it in their context, through their lens, colored by their biases, driven by their experiences That could lead to the false conclusion – “why does it even matter what I say?” Or the better conclusion “Instead of saying what I want to say, can I attempt […]

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We learn the most when we least expect the lesson Somehow the jerk, the surprise leaves an impression that’s hard to erase, ignore or forget. The beauty though – is that by the same measure one can’t plan for such lesson They just happen Maybe that’s what they call experience

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Institute or course?

18, Dec 2017

One of my personal favorite questions during an interview is What do you think matters more – the institute from where you story or the course that you study? Over years, there is an emerging pattern. Individuals performing external facing roles (sales, marketing etc) invariably say the institute name matters more. While internal facing roles […]

Congratulating an entrepreneur on raising funds is like congratulating a chef on buying vegetables It’s a milestone well passed But not a journey that’s yet over

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Smart or wise?

4, Dec 2017

You are smart enough to predict what will happen But are you wise enough to know how to react, when it does happen?