Warikoo (notice the third person reference, added for coolness) is founder and CEO of nearbuy. nearbuy was erstwhile Groupon India, where Warikoo was the CEO. In August 2015, the Groupon India management pulled off a management buyout, partnering with Sequoia Capital – to create India’s largest Online to Offline (O2O) player.

Prior to this, Warikoo was Head of Groupon APAC Emerging Markets, overlooking India, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines

Was Venture Partner at Rocket Internet Gmbh. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Berlin, Rocket supports internet startups in more than twenty countries around the world.

Was Co-founder of Accentium Web – an Internet products company formed by 3 ISBians (Vivek Pahwa – CEO, Umang Kumar and Warikoo). Exited the venture after 3.5 years in October 2010. Accentium had an exit through Gaadi.com

MBA from ISB, Hyderabad. One of the best years of his life – completely changed him!

MS degree from Michigan State in astrophysics. Wanted to be the first man on Mars at some point of time. And hey, who knows!

Graduated from Hindu College, Delhi University. Had the best time of his life there – met his wife there. They knew each other for 7 years when they got married.

Was a consultant with A.T. Kearney, India for 3 years before plunging full-time into entrepreneurship! Had the most amazing time there. Fantastic work. Fantastic set of people

In love with photography. Self taught and has a LONG way to go. Has a digital library of over 32,000 photos, taken over 10 years! Shoots with a Nikon D7100

Considers joining ISB the riskiest and the best decision of his life. Coming back from the US would fall in the same category.

Loves public speaking. Is found speaking at colleges, universities, schools, conferences every now and then.

LOVES his work. Cause of the fantastic team he works with, the magnitude of the problem nearbuy is trying to solve, the challenge of building an insitution instead of just another company.

Hates politics driven on the basis of religion. Hates religion too. And money, while he is at it.

Feels music is simply awesome as a concept. Loves to sing, though not many people know that and the ones who do possibly cant figure out why. Loves DJing. Did it at ISB with utmost joy. Would love to be a singer one day. Or a DJ! Or a wedding photographer. Oh and and, a visiting faculty member at Stanford! :)

…just another guy…